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Forklift Truck Operator Training Courses

At Rollin Transport Training, we offer comprehensive forklift training tailored to your needs, conducted conveniently at your premises. Our qualified instructors have extensive experience with various forklifts, including counterbalance and reach trucks, as well as equipment like pedestrian A6, counterbalance B1, reach D1 and D3, rough terrain J3, articulated J8, overhead crane (pendant/remote), 360 excavator, MEWP (1a, 1b, 3b), dumper, and lorry-mounted loader

Course Offerings

1. Basic Training - Forklift Truck Driver Training (3-day course)

  • Cost: £250 per day rate

  • This course is designed for drivers with no prior forklift experience. Through a blend of practical and theoretical training, participants will learn safe working practices and gain practical skills necessary for forklift operations. Successful completion of the course will result in certification as a forklift operator.

2. Refresher - Forklift Truck Driver Training (1-day course)

  • Cost: £250 per day rate

  • This course is for operators who need to re-qualify. It includes both theory and practical training, ensuring participants are up-to-date with safety protocols and operational skills.

3. Tractable Record Certification (2-day course, subject to assessment)

  • Cost: Upon assessment

  • Employees with a trackable record as forklift operators but without certification may qualify for this course. Certification is possible upon successful completion of the training.

Benefits of In-House Training:

  • Training conducted on the company's premises allows operators to familiarise themselves with the specific machines they will be using.

  • Training can be customised to address load-specific operations and other company-specific requirements.

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends, to accommodate the needs of our customers.


Certification and Accreditation:

  • Certificates can be issued to companies, stating that their employees are certified to operate specific machines on their premises as part of their employment.

  • We can arrange accredited tickets through accrediting bodies for added recognition and compliance.




Equip your workforce with the essential skills and certifications they need to operate forklifts safely and efficiently.

Contact Rollin Transport Training today to discuss your training requirements!


6 Reasons to choose us!

  1. Expertise: Over two decades of experience.

  2. Personalized Approach: Tailored training for individual needs.

  3. High Success Rate: Focus on passing practical tests confidently.

  4. Continued Support: Stay updated with industry developments.

  5. Job Opportunities: Connections with local councils for job prospects.

  6. Convenient Resources: Access to online and in-person training.

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