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CPC Module 4 Training and Test

At Rollin Transport Training, we offer comprehensive training and testing for the Driver CPC Module 4, which is the practical component of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification.


Module 4 concentrates on vehicle safety.


The test lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Topics Covered

To pass, you must score 15 out of a possible 20 points in each topic area (75%) and achieve an overall score of 80%.

During the test, you are required to demonstrate your knowledge and ability in the following areas:

  • Loading the vehicle with regard for safety rules

  • Securing the vehicle and its contents

  • Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants

  • Assessing emergency situations

  • Preventing physical risk

Training & Test Details

  • Cost: £280

  • Pre-requisite: You must pass the Driver CPC Module 2 before taking Module 4.

  • Organisation: We often schedule Module 2 and Module 4 tests after candidates have completed their HGV driving course. However, you can also take Module 2 alongside your Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice theory tests and Module 4 alongside your practical training course.

  • Training Format: Prior to the test, we provide extensive training lasting approximately four hours. This includes:

    • Conducting a standard vehicle check

    • Reviewing important security and safety features

    • Demonstrating best practice techniques for securing a load, using a load restraint demonstration trolley

Test Process:

  • During the test, an examiner will accompany you around a stationary vehicle, asking questions related to the subject areas.

  • You should be able to communicate confidently about the vehicle and its features.

  • At the conclusion of the test, you will receive your result immediately.

Ensure you're well-prepared for the Driver CPC Module 4 test with Rollin Transport Training. Contact us today to book your training and test session!


6 Reasons to choose us!

  1. Expertise: Over two decades of experience.

  2. Personalized Approach: Tailored training for individual needs.

  3. High Success Rate: Focus on passing practical tests confidently.

  4. Continued Support: Stay updated with industry developments.

  5. Job Opportunities: Connections with local councils for job prospects.

  6. Convenient Resources: Access to online and in-person training.

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