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Answers to your questions

  • How long does it take to train as an HGV Driver from start to finish?
    The training period to become an HGV driver can vary. If you have flexibility in your schedule, you can complete the training in as little as four days. However, you must also account for the time it takes for the DVLA to process your application and your theory test slot. Typically, the entire process takes a minimum of about three weeks and can extend up to twelve weeks to become fully qualified.
  • Is passing the HGV test difficult?
    If you already have a car licence, you're familiar with the basic format and what to expect. Passing your HGV test isn't overly difficult with proper training, but it does require consistent concentration. Stay calm and confident in your training and abilities, and you should do well. We ensure that your HGV training takes place in the same vehicle you'll use for your test, often on the same route. Training typically spans four days, with the test on the fifth day, so the information remains fresh in your mind.
  • How much does HGV training cost?
    The cost of training for an HGV licence generally ranges from £950 to £3500, depending on the category you choose. This price includes the four-day practical training and guides you through the entire process. Covered within this fee are your theory practice, the theory test, your CPC, practical training, practical tests, and, if desired, pass protection (which includes a retest if needed).
  • Is it possible to go directly to Class 1 HGV?
    Yes, you can go directly to a Class 1 HGV (C+E) licence. However, this path isn't for everyone. It can be more challenging without first gaining experience with a Class 2 (C) licence.
  • What is the basic requirement of starting my HGV training?
    To start your training to become a professional HGV driver, you must be over 18, hold a full UK driving licence, and pass a medical examination.
  • How long is an HGV provisional licence good for?
    Once you obtain a provisional HGV licence, you will retain this entitlement until the specified date. Note that your theory test pass will expire after two years.
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