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Uncouple / Recouple procedure

Below is an example of an approved decouple / recouple procedure.  

A video demonstration of this procedure will also be posted here very soon !


1)  Before getting out of the vehicle apply your handbrake, out of gear and engine off.

2)  Apply trailer handbrake.

3)  Lower jockey wheel.

4)  Use jockey wheel to lift trailer clear of towball.

5)  Detach electrics and stow safely.

6)  Detach safety brake away cable and secure safely.

Once the trailer has been uncoupled you will now be required to move your vehicle as directed by your examiner.

You will now be asked to connect your vehicle to the trailer as if this trailer is unfamiliar to you. Proceed as follows:


1)  Reverse your vehicle to be approximately half a metre from the trailer.

2)  Before getting out of the vehicle apply your handbrake, out of gear and engine off.

3)  Physically check that trailer handbrake is applied.

4)  Check that tow-hitch is slightly higher than towball.

5)  Reverse your vehicle to line up towball and tow-hitch and get back out of vehicle.

6)  Attach breakaway cable between trailer and car.

7)  Use jockey wheel to lower trailer onto towball until it snaps into place.

8)  Backwind (turn jockey wheel handle up approximately two turns to try

and lift trailer from towball. This proves safe connection).

9)  Completely raise and secure jockey wheel.

10)  Connect vehicle electrics

11)  Walk round to rear of trailer to check roadworthiness

12)  Check trailer doors are secure and make sure correct number plate is fitted.

13)  Ask examiner to please check your lights

    (remember : check the other side of your trailer as you return to the car).

14)  Turn on ignition and operate side lights, indicators and brake lights – the examiner will confirm for you that they are working.

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