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C Vehicles

The ideal course for those needing to drive rigid vehicles above 7.5 tonnes.

Our patient friendly instructors have years of experience to help you reach your goal.

One-to-one training with no cab sharing.

See our handy guide box below to check whether you need this licence category.

Full course

12 - 16 hours of training plus one weekday 3A and 3B test

Medical Examination (if required)

Provisional Entitlement & Medical Forms (if required)

Login for Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception Theory Tests
Login for Module 2 Theory Test (if required)
Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception Theory Tests
CPC (Module 2) Theory Test (if required)
CPC (Module 4) Practical Training (if required)
CPC (Module 4) Test (if required)

Periodic CPC (35 hours) (if required)

Our Price

Just £2,050 !!

Card payments accepted - please ask for details.

Practical training only

If you've done your medical & theory and 

just need your practical training & test


12 - 16 hours of training plus one weekday 3A and 3B test

Our Price

Just £1,685 !!

Card payments accepted - please ask for details.

We can also provide a tailored training course to work around your commitments - contact us today to discuss your needs !

Do I need a C licence ?

Yes, if . . .

No, if . . .

you wish to drive a rigid vehicle above 7.5 tonnes.

if your vehicle's MAM is below 7.5 tonnes but above 3.5 tonnes.

If you want to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes - in which case you need a C1 licence.

What happens on my practical test ?

Your C test is now split into 2 parts known as 3A and 3B

3A is where you demonstrate your ability to reverse around a short manoeuvring area and park in a bay. This test takes approximately 20 minutes from start to finish and once complete you are given a pass certificate for this element.

You must have completed a 3A before moving on to . . .

The 3B part of the test which is where you go out on the road for the practical drive element. Before you start this part of the test you will be asked some 'show me, tell me' questions which you can see here. . . website 

The drive lasts approximately 1 hour and does not contain any manoeuvres other than demonstrating you can safely pull over and stop, then carry on 5 times. 1 of these hill be uphill, 1 downhill, 1 requires you to move around a parked vehicle and the other 2 are random.

During the driving test there will be approximately 10 minutes of independent driving where you will be asked to follow road signs and markings and make your own decisions. 

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