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Towing a trailer (B+E)

Learn the skills and confidence you need to tow your trailer / caravan / horsebox.

Our patient friendly instructors have years of experience to help you reach your goal.

One-to-one training with no cab sharing.

See our handy guide box below to check whether you need this licence category.

1-day practical

plus 1 test

 £ 519

2-day practical

plus 1 test

  £ 756

We can also provide a tailored towing course to work around your commitments - contact us today to discuss your needs !

Do I need a B+E licence ?

Yes, if . . .

No, if . . .

you passed your car test after 1st Jan 1997 and wish to tow a trailer above 750kg

Unless your car & trailer combined weight is less than 3,500kg

you passed your car test before 1st Jan 1997

or your trailer weighs 750kg or less

or your car & trailer combined weight is less than 3,500kg

What happens on my practical test ?

The B+E test lasts for about an hour.  You will be tested on the following components:

Questions on your knowledge of vehicle safety.

Off-road – show that you can safely uncouple/recouple the trailer.

Demonstrate manoeuvres on level ground, gradients and hillstarts.  

Perform a controlled stop.

Off-road reverse manoeuvre.

During the driving test there will be approximately 10 minutes of independent driving where you will be asked to follow road signs and markings and make your own decisions. 

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